The Great Unwashed

This past week has done something to us that cannot be undone. We have finally crossed the barrier between civilized society into a land of barbarians. What has me so upset? Our 45th President’s total lack of empathy and caring. We have devolved into a society where the center of gravity lies within this vacant personality named Donald J Trump. When a country revolves about a vacuum, nothing good can come of it.

Every tweet, every article, every soundbite, every interview regarding the four Green Berets who lost their lives in Niger, has shown us once and for all, that the leader of the Former Free World has no soul, no love for anyone but himself. I won’t even go into the morass that is Puerto Rico after Maria.

The party that brought him to power and continues to support him owns this travesty. And, the longer they uphold him, give him shelter and support, the more they own him and his administration.

Is there ever going to be an American ideal again? Have we gone too far?

No matter how many showers I take, I still feel covered in shame. The world may never forgive us. I may never forgive Americans for falling for this con man. There is NO excuse good enough for anyone to believe this man could fix anything.