Searching the Net for Sanity

This was a futile exercise! I can find crazies on the left, crazies on the right, crazies claiming to be neither left or right but just plain extreme (think they call themselves libertarian). Surprisingly, I found little calm and considered discourse. A lot of name calling, figurative jumping up and down, obfuscation, errors, misinformation, conspiracy theories, fanaticism, and just plain idiocy.

Not much to brighten one’s Saturday. Perhaps my biggest error was starting all this by searching Google for “who owns the news?” and getting pages and pages and pages of hits with the strangest collection of web sites. Talk about a “he said/he said” world!

I guess it has all come down to this: he who shouts the loudest and longest and gets the most page hits, is the one telling the truth.

Long live truth.